Beast Sounds and Parlour Tricks

by Banderas

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released May 23, 2008

Tracking Engineers: Jim Turner and Mike Mongomery
Mixing Engineer: Jim Turner
Mastering Engineers: Jim Turner and Todd McHenry



all rights reserved


Banderas Cincinnati, Ohio

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Track Name: Alligators in the Palisades
Red dress, handful of spades
Pour a drink for the zombie saint
A struck match on the temple floor
Lotto ticket and I'm out the door

The lucky strikes
The highball lens
The psychic spies
The long legs
Shake your ass until daddy comes home tonight

Our midnight thrills leave tar pit stains
Alligator in the Palisades
Sweet girl, crawl for me
I'm an Argonaut, your a territory

The lucky strikes
The highball lens
The psychic spies
The long legs
Shake your ass until Daddy comes home tonight

Red dress and a handful of spades
Pour a drink for the zombie saint
Sweet girl, crawl for me
I'm an Argonaut, your a territory

Alligators in the Palisades

Shake your ass until Daddy comes home tonight
Track Name: Click. Crash. Boom.
Our seasons ache
Our words unclear
The libation of our canyon years
The blood don't come the way it should
Say your grace because it's gone for good

Now turn the key
It goes click. Crash. Boom.

We lost the trail of smoke
A flash of fading lights
Our friends are slave ship songs coming back to life
Fire walker
A smell of dirt
He's cashing in all his chips tonight

Our day is sold
The coast is clear
Those sirens are miles away from here
This world's gone mad
It sure looks good
and every trap is set beneath this hood

Now say goodbye
Let's burn our houses down
Now say goodbye
Spread that forked tongue
Track Name: Disgraceland
It's a long night wasting
My baby ain't coming back
There's a jukebox playing I’m gonna shake out my kinks to that
Cold shimmy on the dance floor
Ground teeth in the dirt
Dry sockets in the back room looking to make their scores

Hot damn, I’m on a roll again
Look out, I’m on fire again

I'm the pipe bomb in the boiler
of this low rent cavalcade
Zip. Pop. Crack.
and it's all in flames
Got no time for your small talk
I'll tell ya what I think
Come sway those hips
Come buy me another drink

Hot damn, I’m on a roll again
Look out, I’m on fire again
Kiss lady luck on the mouth again
I ain't coming down again
I'm alright

So hot and empty
I'll drink up all the seas
Got no faith in science
or any law of thieves
The black blood of the earth is calling
I got a six demon bag
A million dollars in karma, honey
I’m gonna take what I can
Track Name: Cosmic Boss
Like an earthbound temple rising
A kiss against the sky
Arms coil to keep us listless
and to paralyze

Lay your loving bare
Moist words they carry
Lay your loving bare
All our heroes are buried

Like a junk ox, a cosmic boss

Gears grind out destruction
draining all our love
Fragrant howl
Cthulhu sickness

Ignition set
I'm drifting off
Track Name: We Got the Night
Red lands of the dry chord
Dirty vessels from dirty ports
Come down from that guard rail
we got appearance to keep
Piety, a goldmine
A saggy prayer to the new divine
If that flesh is twitching
Do you know what i mean?

A cross amongst the crossless
navigates the night
This place is closing
could you give a ride?

When the city sleeps we got the night in our hand
All the little girls don't wanna understand
When the city sleeps we got the night in our hand

Forms from the shaking distance
Gravel bed designs
Mirages of better living
and foreboding signs
Cheers to our vices!
Another mad dog in the rain
A killer in the boxcar waiting
on that midnight train

Rub out the guidelines
Defend our ways
Swallow anything
that is in our way
Track Name: Rocket
Rocket great red ghost
Go lightning ghost

Slow your nerve on a string
Hold out there
Go on green

My next feat
turned on a spit
Beast sounds
and parlour tricks
Track Name: The Legend of the Suicide Kid
In the air, alright
Limp wrists swinging dynamite
The kid has come undone
A wild beast with no where to run
Gray spooks haunt the empty stairwells
Garbage lines the empty streets
Another season of discord

Put your money up
You know i will win it
if there was a cup

Shoot the gate like lightning
A yes in a maybe world
Three cheers suicide kid

When the word got out
mouths moved; nothing came out
The girls crossed their legs up high
We took a pull and the whole city sighed
Sull hearts wept from aching bottoms
to the conquer of the rat-trap maze
Another bout of madness

Oh yeah
It's on to me
In the air, all the talk
is on the streets
Track Name: $50 Pyramid Scheme
If you’re looking for a ride now, baby
I got a tilt-a-whirl
I like living the good life
Do you like nice things?
Call me Midas cause I got the touch
It's like a big hairy bush
I like your style
you’re so tough and clean
like a $50 pyramid scheme

Grab me tight, we're gonna crash land, baby
My love's a Stegasaur
Don't get so hardcore
Do you need me to beg?
Call me Lazarus; it's like I'm back from death
I'm gonna spread my scent
I like the sound in your lower frequencies
Set atop of our pyramid scheme

Close your eyes, do you feel alright, now?
Hold on to me ‘cause I got all night, now
Track Name: Ground Out Heel
You've got your best dress on
Now you wear your hair out long
Heading for that Sunday morning
Left a trail of houses burning

C'mon let it all out
We'll burn it to the ground
and give ourselves something to cry about
A ground out heel another fart in the wind
A little too far gone
You know I’m too far gone

Standing on that rooftop singing
Like flower vases breaking
Bored teeth clink on glasses
Another hour slowly passes
Track Name: La Zona
Leave the thinkers for the thinking
Now step right up
we've saved you a place in line
I've got a million fish
down in this sea
bright and glittering
Keep searching for the scent
I've got acres of skin
The trick is to look within

The snap of the picture
Is your finger in the way?
Every sip of the water makes you hot
Come on, here's your favorite song
Keep up for another round
Hold on to the rail, you’re drifting out

Come on, here we sing it
We're gonna make that little birdie fly
Come on, here we sing it
Come on come on come on

I have love for days
I want to give it all away
and everywhere there's an open house
And all the worlds aglow
under bare light bulbs
The truth finally sneaks out

These walls are arms
These bars are please
Gonna love you all
Gonna save you all
Track Name: That Full Moon Feeling
Walk like a landslide
Pass through the haze
Another hit, maybe an hour of rest
Hope for the best
Coming down the sidewalk
girls of Cadillac design
Not knowing what or how it's done
They do it right

Instincts on the TV screens
Patterns form a bruise on our soft machines
What’s to have has been had and lost it's bloom
Gonna tear up the roots
I’ve got to howl at the moon

The humming myth in stereo
It's complimentary style
ain’t sheathed in unnatural sights
Framed by a wreath of arrow red lights
Caterpillar parade snaking through the streets
Nature sways and bows it's heads
to our secret beat

Batter down that hard talk

until there's nothing less
A line tongue a sweet growl
Come and touch my chest